CFAH4002A-TFH initialisation?


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Having a look at the CFAH4002A-TFH datasheet, the initialisation for the module (4-bit) seems different from standard hd44780 (which most other datasheets have a similar initialisation to). ive tried following both the initialisation in the datasheet, and the standard hd44780 (which has worked fine for a microtips lcd ive got, and the 2004K cf lcd a year ago).

All i get is the lcd sitting at the black bar/white bar (which means its alive at least). Should anything that works for standard hd44780 work for this? (if so, why is the datasheet different from standard?)

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i had EN shorted to ground, fixed that and it works now - but i thought it wasnt working due to initialisations differences in datasheet from standard

0x2? (eg 2 then NF**, eg 0x28) is stated as being sent twice in 4-bit mode on CFAH4002ATFHJP, hd44780 requires it only once. i put in two 0x28's, but didnt try with just the 1 to see if it would work.

few other minor differences later on with clearing/turning display on/off but i dont think that matters.

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In real life, the controllers we use are more modern than the HD44780, and may accept a simplified initialization sequence. They should accept the "original" HD44780 initialization sequence fine though.