CFAH2004A-YMC-JP not working


New member
i baught a CFAH2004A-YMC-JP about 5 months ago and i finnaly got around to setting it up. i have the wiring right(i think) but i can only get a stand-by screen. the top row and 3rd rows are off and the 2nd and botton are on. i have tryed 4 different programs to get this thing working but to no avail. any help would be well... helpfull.
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CF Support

We do not recommend the parallel modules (such as the one you are interested in) for end-user PC applications. These modules require more extensive wiring knowledge and the proper tools. These modules are primarily intended for OEM (manufacturer) use.

We do not offer end-user tech support on the CFAH* series LCDs in PC applications. We will not accept returns on CFAH* LCDs damaged in an attempt to connect them to a PC.

That said, if you merely have the power and contrast hooked up correctly, you will get the top row (or alternating rows) of full-on characters. You need not even have any of the data lines hooked up to get that supposed "test screen" on the display.

I would check each individual data line with our CFAH_Wintest software, which you can download from here:

If only one data line is not connected properly, the entire display will do nothing of consequence and will not update when you send data to it.