CFAG320240CX-TFH-T -- black or gray ??


New member

I have this display.
The pixels are gray, not black.
Is that true?
From a distance the display is not good to read.

by Holger
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CF Tech

All the STN passive displays deal with differing levels of passing light through the polarizers and liquid crystal material.

"Clear" or "White" always has passed through an "open" polarizer stack which is not perfectly clear.

"Dark" or "Black" has passed through a "blocking" polarizer stack, which is close to but not perfectly blocking.

So in short, an LCD is never 100% clear or 100% black.

For an LCD like a CFAG320240CX-TFH-T, if the controller is initialized properly and the contrast is set optimally, it should be very readable and should look very similar to the photo.