Cfag320240c0-fmi vs cfag320240cx-tfh-t


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CFAG320240C0-fmi vs CFAG320240CX-tfh-t

ich habe dieses Display
(Built-in RAiO RA8835 (SED1335/S1D3305 Compatible) controller and 32KByte SRAM )
im Einsatz an einem Atmel Microcontroller.

Kann ich dieses Display
(Built-in Epson S1D13700 controller and 32KByte SRAM )
1zu1 einsetzen?


I have this display
(Built-in Raio RA8835 (SED1335/S1D3305 Compatible) controller and 32kByte SRAM)
in the use of a Atmel microcontroller.

Can I use this display
(Built-in Epson S1D13700 controller and 32kByte SRAM)
1to1 exchange?

Thank you.
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The RAiO RA883 and Epson S1D13700 are similar in operation. The primary difference is in the initialization sequence. Physically, the CFAG320240C0 and CFAG320240CX modules have the same footprint and have the same physical characteristics. The pin out is also the same for both parts.

The primary difference is that the CFAG320240C0-FMI-TZ has a CCLF backlight that uses an inverter. While the CFAG320240CX-TFH-T uses a white LED backlight.

They are not a 1 to 1 or drop in replacement for one another. You will need to make adjustments to your code and backlight connections.