CFAG240128F/B Datasheets


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Does anyone know where I can get the data sheets for the CFAG240128F-YYH-TZ? What I have is similar to the CFAG240128L. However, mine has only an 18 pin connection, and I have little idea what the pin-out is. There are 5 Neotec NT7086PQ chips on the back.

Also, while I can follow the traces, it would be helpful to have the data sheets for the CFAG240128B-YYH-TZ with Toshiba T6963C controller. This one is similar in appearance to the CFAG240128D, but has the same controller as for the L model.

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The files listed there are for the similar models. However, what I have is mounted on a different PCB with different controllers and connections. If the data sheet for the L model will work for the F model, then I just need to know how the 20 pins on the L model map to the 18 pins on the F model. And I assume the programming would be for a Neotec controller instead of the Toshiba controller?

The second LCD is easier to figure out by cross-referencing the other data sheets, but again, it would be helpful to have a data sheet specific to it, if it exists.

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So what you have is not a Crystalfontz LCD?

The best approach is to post clear front and back photos and maybe someone here can help track down a data sheet or offer advice.


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Turns out these are mislabeled displays. The F model is actually a WG240128F. There is no on-board controller.

The B model is probably a WG240128B. The PCB is still slightly different, but the pinout is consistent with the pins that I can verify.