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Hello, I have some questions about this display that I recently purchased. I have hooked it up and successfully used it but need some help on a couple of points.

1. I have concluded that the controller is loaded with the Big-5 16x16 CGROM. We want to incorporate this display into a motorcycle diagnostic gauge (few hundred to start). Will all future displays with this part number also be set up with the Big-5 font? I would like to minimize code revisions in the future.

2. Applying power to pins 15-16 produces no display back light as indicated in the data sheet. However, when I power the display through pins 1-2 (5V), the backlight is automatically turned on with a current draw of ~115mA. This is less than the datasheet indication of 210mA but the backlight brightness seems adequate. Is there another approach to supplying power that you would suggest?

3. I expected pin 3 to be used to adjust LCD contrast. However, I see no change when adjusting the voltage supply to this pin. In fact, it appears that no power needs to be supplied at all. Can I simply leave this pin open?

4. There are two electrical connections on the opposite end of the board labeled A and K. Applying power here runs the back light LEDs but an external current limiting resistance needs to be applied. Again, it appears that no connection is required here since the back light power is also supplied on pins 1-2. Correct?

5. Finally, can you comment on the future availability of this product? How stable will an OEM supply of this component be in coming years? This is important as we choose whether to use it in a revision of our product which currently uses a VFD.

Thanks in advance for your guidance,
Dr. C. B. Dane
Cliftech Design
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I've answered your questions via our support system - if you have any questions, please communicate through there.

Thank you.