CFAG19232C SPI Mode (PSB = 0)


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I want to use a CFAG19232C-YYH-TT in SPI mode. From browsing around on this forum, I was able to determine that I will need to move a 0 Ohm resistor (jumper) in order to set PSB = 0.

My question is this: what jumper do I need to move (e.g. J2)? I was unable to locate this information on the datasheet. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Here is a link to the product page for ease of reference: CFAG19232C-YYH-TT

- jc123
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Tho set up SPI mode for the CFAG19232C series:

Move J3 (0Ω) from left to right.

Your pin out will then be the following:

Vss ==> Vss
Vdd ==> Vdd
Vo ==> Vo
RS ==> CD
R/W ==> SID
E ==> SCLK
DB0~DB7 ==> No Connect