CFAG160160B-YYH-VU power question


New member
I'm interested in the CFAG160160B-YYH-VU, for a project i'm working on.

I like the size, and features (on board controller, and character ROM). My question is:

eventually I would like my device to run on batteries, I noticed that the supply voltage for the LCD (Vdd) is max 15V.

Is it possible to run on less voltage if for example the backlight screen was not used?

If 15V is required can you recommend a battery supply that would accommodate this?

Thank You
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The LCD voltage is generated on-board by the negative voltage generator circuit. The 15 volts is actually a combination of the 5 volt Vcc and the -10 volt Vee. So you only need a 5 volt supply, at about 7.3 mA, according to the data sheet.

The LCD voltage is not related to the backlight usage. The backlight on that display is a real power hog, so you wouldn't want to use it on battery power.