CFAG160128 Implementation Question


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Hello, I'm currently using the CFAG160128 for a senior project in school. I am looking for some advice on how to program this screen. Mind you, this is my first time coding a graphics screen. I have pasted below an example of what I'm looking to implement.

Currently I'm using a Motorola HCS12 Microcontroller to interface with the graphics display. My plan is to communicate serially to the OBD-II port of a vehicle to obtain enough data to calculate real-time fuel economy then display this data onto the screen. I will also be doing this with an accelerometer, which will be interfaced with the A/D pins on the microcontroller. So after each sampling of data from the vehicle, I would then compute the data and display it onto the screen.

I'm trying to determine the most efficient method for doing this in code (using C). Any help with this is appreciated, thanks!

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Update: I have been brainstorming some ideas on how to code this. One idea I had was to set the whole screen in graphics mode and have multiple functions which can specifically update certain sections of the screen depending on the data i want to display. The dilemma I would have with this idea is how to implement the text portion onto the screen. For example, I would write a routine to display the top bar graph, but how would I be able to use the ASC-II text to write "Real-Time MPG" below the bar graph?

I guess what I'm looking for is advice on how to split up the screen so i can make use of the ASC-II text stored in the ROM while also using my own graphics. Can someone help me with that? Thanks.
The built-in text of the graphics displays is usually pretty wimpy (small characters, ugly font, non-proportional). The only way you can do larger, fancier text is to find or design your own font (usually a bitmap array), and copy the letters (bit patterns) to the screen.

There are several examples of font editors and text writing routines scattered around this forum. You could probably adapt something for your use.

Clue: large, smooth fonts are a lot of work to create. Maybe you can find a program that will convert commercial fonts to bitmaps.