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Cfag14432dtfhtt Psb


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I can't find the PSB-Pin to switch the LCD Module to an serial LCD-Module (SPI-Mode). Which Pin or Pad is the PSB?

function Description:
System interface
ST7920 supports 3 kinds of bus interface to MPU. 8 bits parallel, 4 bits parallel and clock
synchronized serial interface. Parallel interface is selected by PSB="I" and serial interface by
PSB="0". 8 bit / 4 bit interface is selected by function set instruction DL bit.
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CF Support2

The CFAG14432D series does have support for the Sitronix ST7920 SPI mode brought out to the PCB.

To set up the module for SPI mode, move the jumper in the R12 position to the R11 position (middle of board, right hand side). Once the change is done, here are the pin out chnages for SPI communications.

VO ==> VO
RS ==> CS
R/W ==> SID
E ==> SLK
DB0~DB7 ==> NoConnect

That should get you up and running!