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I am posting this to confirm that the specs on the CFAG14432B-TMI-TT is not correct. I bought this model to use the High Speed SPI mode. After close inspection and communication with Crystalfontz, the SPI mode cannot be enabled on this model despite the "PSB" pin descriptions in the data sheet (which is simply from Sitronix).

# Available in several variations of backlight and polarizer
# Very wide viewing angles
# 8-bit, 4-bit parallel interface, or :mad: SPI interface:mad:
# Industry-standard HD44780 compatible controller
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CF Support

Please accept our apologies for this documentation error.

The SPI interface cannot be used except on the CFAG14432A module via jumper (R10 "0 ohm" changed to R11 for SPI mode).

We have updated the documentation.