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I'm thinking about bying a CFAG12864B-WGH. But I have a few (al lot of actually :confused: ) questions about it. How am I supposed to connect this lcd to my pc ? Is it serial, parallel or even something else ? Is the controller on it compatible with controllers on usual caracter-lcd's ? And what is the difference between CFAG12864B-WGH-N and CFAG12864B-WGH-V? The negative voltage generator has what use ?
Thank you
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CF Tech

The CFAG12864 is not intended to be used in a remotely wired application as a PC display.

All of the answers to your questions are in the data sheet:

The negative voltage generator is used in combination with the +5v supply to make a combined 10v supply, which is large enough to meet the display's 8.5v (typical at room temperature) bias voltage requirement.

The EL backlight of the WGH requires 110 to 170 v RMS, at 400 to 1000 Hz.