CFAG12864B with ATMega32


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I'm trying to make work together my LCD and my ATMega32 (on STK500), using an external crystal at 16MHz.

I'm planning to use code sources given right here, for my first test :

I use Eclipse for coding. If I understand well, the only thing I have to do is to code the main source file, using functions given in low_lcd.c and others, correct?

If I'm right, could you give me please an example of what could be the main function?
Otherwise, would you show me the way to follow, from the beginning to the the end, to at last see something appears on my LCD display?

Thank you for help, I'm new in LCD and uC programming. At least I know C programming... ^_^

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Unfortunately I can't afford a demo board. All the hardware I have is STK500 development board, with ATMega32, and my LCD display.

I want to build on it. Could you help me, by answering my questions?

Thank you


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Please look at the schematic given for the demo board, and that source code. You would need to modify those items to work with the LCD and the STK500.

There is also lots of different sample code here in the forum, just give a quick search as cosmic suggested.

You also might want to join up over at:

I would bet that someone over there has connected a KS0107/KS0108 128x64 LCD to a STK500 before.


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You could help yourself by using the menu bar at the top of the forum, click "search" and enter CFAG12864B.
If I ask, maybe it's because I haven't found any answer... :mad: So I do help myself, by opening a new topic, and asking for what I need.

What's the purpose of this forum if it's not to provide help when asked??

Make a search, make a search, who do you think I am??? I'm doing it for 4 days now!!!!!

Thanks for the support Crystalfontz...