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Has anyone tried controlling this display with a Microchip controller using the microchip graphics library over the parallel master port?

- Michael
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Do a search for PMP or parallel master port as I think there some someone that posted about doing this recently. I Use a PIC 18F series to run this display and use 2 8 bit pic ports for a 16 bit interface to drive the display. It has a PMP available but did not use it.

I wrote my own code for driving the display with text, graphic boxes, and bitmap display. I used a font converter to create the text bit maps along with display routines to display the text. Some simple routines for passing object parameters for drawing graphics. And a bitmap converter to create the data table to read and display bit map images. For my purpose and limiting code space this worked very well as I think the graphics library would have caused me to run out of internal memory and cost limitiations for the product do not allow external memory components. Depends on you coding ability for controlling this screen with your own graphic drivers as it can be daunting without experience.