CFAF320240F-T vs CFAF320240F-T-TS


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I'm about to purchase one of these tft panels for a project and was wondering what the difference between the two models are, aside from the obvious fact that the -TS has a touch screen interface.

1) It only costs an additional 3 bucks, why wouldn't I want the TS version? I realize the additional touchscreen layer will affect the clarity, but it's not clear from the photos/datasheet how bad the difference is. My input module will primarily be a keypad, but if I can have touch option for barely any difference in price, I don't see why not... :confused:

2) What is the number of dead pixels I should expect from this product. close to if not zero for a small resolution I hope...?

ok to answer the second question i've found page31 in the data sheet........
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We offer the module with and without touch panel as we have some customers that do not have the need for the touch panel. Over quantity that three dollars can add up. We do sell more with the touch panel, as it is a nice sized module with a QVGA resolution. The large number of interfaces supported helps too :D

The touch panel does degrade the image quality and brightness to a degree. It is a slight trade off for having the ability to integrate a keypad into a display.

So far, I can't recall seeing or hearing reports of dead pixels. The smaller TFT manufacturing process tends to produce very high quality displays.