CFAF128160C-018T mechanical question


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I am designing a cellphone (aka "dumbphone" or "candybar phone"), and I plan
on using CFAF128160C-018T as my display. The white plastic "wrapper" around
the LCD panel in this module (is it the backlight?) has two tabs on each side,
and I'm thinking of using these tabs to secure this LCD module to my PCB - the
same PCB to which the flex tail (folded under the module) will be soldered by
the "hot bar" method. It seems to me that an application like mine is exactly
what this module was designed for - but someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

But the part of my PCB to which the LCD module will be secured will need to
have a specific width and thickness in order to be properly "hugged" by the 4
locking tabs on the sides of the LCD, and the mechanical drawing in the
CFAF128160C-018T datasheet does not detail these dimensions - hence my question.

Each of the 4 side tabs can be described as consisting of a "base" (extending
from the main body of the backlight), a "neck" that will normally flank the PCB
or other mounting substrate on the side in the fully assembled state, and a
"latching finger" that will be on the underside of the PCB or other mounting
substrate, opposite from the module. But the dimensions of the "neck" part are
not given in the datasheet drawing - yet they are important: the width of the
PCB needs to be very close to the total module width with the side tabs (given
as 39.20 mm) minus the sum of the widths of the "necks" of these side tabs (not
given), and the thickness of the PCB needs to be very close to the length of
the "neck" part (in the module thickness dimension, not given either) - in order
for the PCB to be "hugged" securely by these locking tabs.

Hence my question, either to Crystalfontz support or to other users of this
module who may have already figured it out - what are these dimensions of the
"neck" part of each of the side tabs? I don't see how anyone can use this LCD
module in a product design without having these dimensions...

Also if someone here has actually used this LCD module in a product, would you
perhaps mind sharing what PCB width and thickness you have used?
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