CFA735 questions


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I understand the CFA735 has an emulation mode to support software written for the CFA635. Is there any remarkable advantage to supporting the CFA735 through its native interface?

Trying to figure out if I want to buy one of these to add full support to my LCD program. Is there any substantial reason to?

Also, how easy is it to switch between CFA635 emulation mode and native mode? I understand modules are by default set to emulation mode.

How do the two interfaces compare? Is it still the same packet+crc design?
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CF Tech

For a while, we could not source the original character mode controller chip that is used on the CFA-635, and it looked like we would have to discontinue the CFA-635.

We had the graphic design in process, so we expedited that hardware design with "character emulation only" firmware as the CFA-735 to cover our customer needs.

Meanwhile we created a semi-custom driver IC to use on the CFA-635, so the CFA-635 could continue shipping with only minor PCB and firmware tweeks.

So right now the CFA-735 has the graphic capable hardware, but the firmware is only capable of emulating the CFA-635, none of the advanced graphic capabilities are available.

We have a new version of firmware in development that will exploit the graphic hardware capabilities of the new hardware. This firmware will have additional commands and the same CRC packet communications style. Once this firmware is available we will announce a new product that has the graphic hardware and the graphic enabled firmware.

In short, right now you should not have to update your software, a CFA-735 should act like a CFA-635.