CFA635 New Revision


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We just received a batch of white 635s and as I was going to unsolder JP2 (we power the display externally), I noticed that the PCB layout was slightly different. I then noticed that the silkscreen said "V1.1" where the old ones said "V1.0".

I'm assuming that the new version is functionally equivalent, but I'm just curious what changes where made.

The datasheet is still for hardware 1.0 so that's no help.

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CF Tech

Which reminds me that the PCN project is not as far along as we had hoped :(

OK, here are the changes:

1) The USB chip has changed from the "B" series to the newer "R" series. Should be transparent.

2) We have changed the backlight to have more LEDs (8, instead of 4) that are run at lower current to prolong the expected lifetime. The white backlight should still be dimmed during periods of inactivity to preserve the operational lifetime. The backlight should be at least as bright as the old version, though it is probably brighter.

3) Added a hold-down for the USB connector to help it survive abuse.