CFA635 and ATX power/reset support


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I am looking purchasing a CFA635-TFE-KU2, mounting bracket, and internal USB cable for an embedded Linux router/firewall project but ran into a snag on the data sheet info.

According to the site, the 631 and 635 can be configured to perform the standard ATX power and reset switch functions by using the WRPWRY25 cable:

Looking at the Data sheet though (page 35), it clearly states the following under the Command codes:
28 (0x1C): Set ATX Power Switch Functionality (SCAB required)

Is this a mis-print or to the Command codes remain the same whether you have a SCAB connected?
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CF Tech

When that data sheet was written, the WRPWR25 did not exist. You do not need a SCAB for ATX power supply control if you have the WRPWR25.