CFA631 Hardware Question


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CFA631 Harware Question

Greetings to all!

I am considering to purchase a CFA631 LCD Module to fit in the second floppy bay of my Sparc Ultra 60 Computer. The computer runs Solaris 10 for Sparc 64. I hope to grab a 5 Port (4 ext, 1 int) USB PCI Card to use with it so I can just plug the LCD into the internal USB port on the card, no wires no mess.

Unfortunately, Crystalfontz doesn't seem to have a whole deal of information on the CFA631 dealing with its workings and pinouts/such. I will be using LCDProc probobly to run the LCD display.

What I want to know is this: The page on the CFA631 mentions Temperature sensing and fan control. It would be great if I could stick some thermal probes on the 2 CPU's, the RAM area, the PCI Card cage area, and the SCA Drive cage. Although I don't know if it can handle 5 probes or not.

Pretty much what I'm asking is what sort of capabilities the unit has for using temperature probes and such. Also- what sort of "plug" or "plugs" would I need to interface such probes onto the LCD? It looks like that weird header to the side would be where I'd plug it all into, although, I have absolutely no clue what sort of socket that is. Or is there a cable that CF offers that just has tinned leads on the end of it or something?

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CF Tech

There will be a small PCB that has standard connectors for fans & temps. Basically when you add this PCB to the CFA-631, it will have the same capabilities as the CFA-633.

That product will be available in the future--no hard date is set.
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