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Hi guys,

Is there a way to connect a module CFA533-TMI-Kx to a bus RS485?

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for your quick response.

Regarding the hardware is understood.

As for the firmware, the RS485 is a multi-drop bus and the packets for the CFA533 haven´t address byte.

What would happen if I send a packet with a type 0x3F? Will it be ignored?


CF Support2

The CFA533 will ignore any packet that is not properly structured, or that it does not recognize.

It's been a while since I worked with RS-485 (20+ years), but I recall setting up a converter for a device and setting up the address for that device. Tthe RS-485 to RS-232 converter would "listen" for it's address, and then forward the packets to the device on the other side. I'm not quite sure how this would work with a CFA533. With it's structured packets - [Command] [Data Length] [Data0][Data1]....[Datan][CRC] the converter would need to pass on the packets correctly. The device I used was very simple and did not talk back like the CFA533 family does.


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Yes, RS485 is a very old specification but still used in industrial equipment.

Its clear to me how to act, thanks.