cfa32020c-fmi-t to Pic18f4450


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I've just received my graphical lcd from crystal fontz (the cfa32020c-fmi-t) and was wondering if anyone has any initialization/test code available. I'm connecting it to a Pic18F4450.

Also, I'm trying to connect everything and am confused on the ccfl backlight hook up. It appears that the voltage rating is ac and a high voltage. Is this true? Also, which pin is positive and which is gnd?

I've been trying to get it powered by connecting the vo, vee, and vdd to a pot as pictured in the datasheet, and here's what I have. When I power it on and turn the pot, the lcd goes from light green/yellow to a bluish color. Is this right? This is only with vo, vee, pot, vss, vdd, and frame gnd connected. Also, am I suppose to conect vee to an external power or is this step up from 5v inside the lcd?

Thanks for your help.
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CF Tech

I am assuming your part number is: CFAG320240CX-FMI-T

The CCFL modules require a CCFL inverter:

For testing, leave Vo and Vee open. Just use the pot (VR1) on the back of the module to set the contrast. Please take a look at the data sheet:
on pages 10 and 11 for a detailed explanation.

Vee is a negative voltage output, generated on the module from Vcc.

There is probably controller code some code at:

We have demo code in this thread: