CFA-635 - Re-Use Power up computer button


New member

I am about to buy the CFA-635 screen (20x4 + keypad). I have read that it is possible with the SCAB extension and the appropriate cable to use the keypad to power up the computer. As I am building a custom HTPC box, that could be a useful feature that would to save adding a dedicated button just to power on. What I wonder is once the computer has started, is the button on the keypad still linked to the power button, or is it possible to have it act as a "normal" button. So it would look like something like this:
- if the box is halted, the "tick button" (for example) powers it up,
- if the box is running, the "tick button" is mapped to the "enter" key for example.

It may seem dummy to ask as it sounds to good to be possible, but not asking is always worst...

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