CFA 635 colours


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Good day to all. Just starting to research displays and like the 635 model. My first question is, in daylight which display colour is most visible? I will be viewing from 2 o'clock.
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Two of the three CFA635's are considered "daylight readable". These are the two positive mode displays - the CFA635-YYE with yellow-green STN LCD and yellow-green LED backlight, and the CFA635-TFE with positive FSTN LCD and white LED backlight.

Of the two, the 'TFE' will provide a better contrast due to the improved glass and polarizer. The down side is that the white LEDs have a shorter lifetime than the yellow-green.



Both the 'YYE' and 'TFE' variants are available with USB (KU), RS-232 Serial (KS), and Logic level serial (KL) interfaces.


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Thanks for that info. I like the white, just how short a life is that? Also maybe this is just me but, the overall look is between commercial and consumer, the buttons just don't have a classy look. I mean you made this for pc's but it comes across brash, I would either have to cover the buttons or remove the led to quite it down. Take a look a Li Lian and Logisys units.
They are just simple clean looking that can go in any pc. The display is what needs to show not the buttons drawing attention.
From my searching your board is the best fan/temp set-up! What I would like to see is even more functionality in having this display on your board(635+ scab) and buttons like a cassette deck (horizontal across the bottom) now that would be pc worthy, and I believe you would sell a lot of them. I will buy the first one today. Sorry for rambling on but someone needs to make a complete pc solution so I figure why not you guys.

In a perfect 21st century world I can sit on my couch with remote and pc hooked to home theater and watch listen to any thing I like. Any problems would pop up on my lcd display eg. sudden temp rise or hdd problem from SMART.etc. Is this to much to ask for.:D


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Well did I ramble on to much, or are you busy building my new display;)
I was just trying to help enhance your product not belittle your hard work.
Would it be possible to make a 635 unit with one of your 24064 displays and a keypad plug in?

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There are lots of angles to take when designing a display, and we do like to hear what people are looking for. I had not seen the Logisys one, that looks pretty cool.

We probably will come up with some graphic display in a drive bay one of these years ;)