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CFA-635 Black Aluminum Bracket


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Hi guys,

This is my first post here, but I'm a user of CrystalFontz products for many years now. I have two CFA-635 and one old CFA-633. Here is my question I just bought a new Lian li PC-B70 Case (black aluminum) and I want to move one of my CFA-635 actually mounted on a lian li PC-6083A (silver aluminum). I woud like to know if I can buy the CFA-635 Black Aluminum bracket (DB635AK) without buying a new kit. Because this is the only option I see on the front page in the accessories section. If the answer is "yes" what would be the price of it, and how to order it?

Thanks for the reply,
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Just send an e-mail to sales@crystalfontz.com and let them know you are looking for the black aluminum overlay for a CFA-635. They will open a ticket and take care of you.

Be aware that it will probably be difficult to remove the old overlay and adhesive. You would want to remove the LCD first so it cannot be damaged.


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Thanks for the quick reply :) I know it will be a little bit tricky to remove the original overlay, but I think I'm handy enough to do it. :D Thanks again for the advice and the reply. :)