CFA-635 and CGROM


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Does anyone have an example of displaying a character from the cgrom character set via VB6 (yes I know almost everyone hates Vb apart from me!)?

The layout of the packet would be a start eg Command/Type, length, data layout etc etc.

I have all other funcionality working apart from utilising cgrom which although is not critical is desirable.

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Do you have code of how to build up a packet like "Hello World" and display it at 0,0, for instance? Post that and I'll see if I can remember enough VB to put a "CGROM" character in it.


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I had a brainwave this afternoon and finally worked it out, I had to alter my generic routine to write data to the lcd but I can now output characters from the cgrom character set. Basically I had to parse my input string looking for a 'control char' that indicated the cgrom character code to be displayed, then put the number into the byte array.

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Hey, could you post some code to do that?

I've kinda copied/hacked/rewritten/cobbledtogether an API in C# for the CrystalFontz 635 but I have yet to tackle that part.

Basically my API
- insulates the serial commands by providing a function that takes more 'normal' arguments.
- Spits out different types of events when data is available.

For example, function "SetLED" takes a 'LEDControlStructure' which allows you to set the index you're controlling, the red strength and green strength. If you press a key, or request the HardwareFirmware the class will generate a specific event that has everything parsed already.

(Obviously some of this wasn't new, I did polish and re-organize some code I found....I'll post my code when finished and give everyone proper credit if anyone would like to contribute.)

My aim was to build some kind of easily usable display class so I can build a stock ticker/screener, e-mail checker (etc.) agent that can have multiple output devices (the CF635, MSNMessenger style popups, e-mail,regular screen, etc.) along with multiple input sources (agent) that can be dropped into the directory via new dll's as I think of them. (Hope that made sense)