CFA-635 5 1/4 in mount

Dear Sirs,
reading the forum I understand that a mounting bracket with silver front for the CFA635 will be available soon.

However, looking at the available brackets in black, I see that the one for the 635 comes in double height (using TWO 5 1/4in bays).

I need a ONE 5 1/4in mounting bracket in silver!

Could I know whether and when it will become available?

(In the meantime I will spend tomorrow (Saturday) with hand drill and file producing a homemade one out of a 5 1/4" bay cover from my PC case!! Lucky that I found that old stereo turntable screws fit the holes in the 635!)

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CF Tech

The CFA-635 bracket only takes one half-height 5 1/4 bay (you might be looking at the CFA-634's bracket).

We have the CFA-635 bracket available now in beige or black (but it is not on the site, you must write sales(at)crystalfontz(dot)com, edit to '@' & '.'). We will have the aluminum ones shortly.