CF display controller


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Is it possible to hook up a Matrix Orbital serial controller to a CF parallel front half?
I have a dead MO LCD2041 display that's dead but the serial controller is still good. It looks to be electrically compatible and it would save me some work if I could just solder the MO serial board to the CF display.
I have a parallel connection ready to go and the MO serial board is ready to go but the beer hasn't gotten involved yet. BTW, Screw The Warranty!
BTW, I know how to solder, I'm micromin component level repair "C" qual'ed NAMTRAGRUDET 1025 (if you know what that means, email me, we'll talk)
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CF Tech

OK. Yes. It might work. If the holes line up, it might even be easy.

But it would feel so dirty, /me shivers :)

Be sure and post pics of the unholy devil spawn when you are done ;)


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CF Display with MO (enemy) serial converter

So YES an "alien" serial/parallel converter is just fine!?! I assumed it would be. It really won't APPEAR to be an unholy hell-spawned mutant, in fact it'll be just as normal looking as your next door neighbor. (provided they AREN'T mis-begotten deviants).
Anyway I'm still in the planning stages and design layout of the power connection and contrast/backlight pots so it will be a week or two till I get the display intalled in my case. I've got a fairly slick design in mind so pic's will be in the offing.