CC2 Wish List

Ringo Kid

New member
I have a couple of suggestions for CC2. You guys probably have them on your list already, but just in case...

  1. I like the "Dim LCDs on User Idle" feature. I wish activity on the LCD keypad would "undim" the LCDs the same way as user keyboard and mouse activity does.
  2. It would be nice to be able to schedule a periodic test cycle for each monitored fan. The test cycle would ramp the fan up to 100% and record the RPM. The RPM then could be compared against a user supplied upper and lower RPM and set a flag when the RPM is out of range. This request reflects a suggestion in the SCAB data sheet. Obviously, there needs to be some way to alert the user either through the panel or the 635 LEDs.
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I especially like idea #1. I have a CFA-635 hooked up to a WHS box. I'm never (almost) on it as I do all my work on it from my workstation thru remote desktop. If I set the LCD to dim, it never turns back on...:(

BTW, I *think* that this has been suggested before.