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I'm new to this Forum thing, so please forgive me if i make silly noob mistakes.

Just received my display From CC, 634 external USB.
Works great. I am fooling around with all sorts of software besides the software that CC provides, LCDstudie, Smilie, AKWEB and so on.
I am still searching for the ultimate program.

Browsing this forum I get the impression that I am not the only one. Lots of people (impatiently) urging on for CC2 to be released.

Forgive me if I missed it but would'nt it be a good idea to know the features that will be implemented?

In other words I would like to be able to make a decision wether I want to wait for CC2 or that I better keep on fiddling around with Smilie.

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CF Mark

CC2 will be the ultimate in time :)

When its first released, itll support somthing like the following:
- Bargraphs
- Histograms
- Animated & custom characters
- Game server support
- CPU/MEM/HDD info
- Email info
- Winamp/Foobar2000 info & graphs

To begin with, itll only allow loading of pre-made screens.
A screen designer will come later.
You can hand-make your own screens though using text files.

Gives you some idea?


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Thanks for your quick response

Yes it does.
I'll wait patiently.

(hoping for some weather support though)


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Would it be possible to extend it with own dll's for example to add custom meters like graphic card temp or stuff like that ?
I mean will there be a public api to write plugins or must all plugins come from crystalfontz

edit: found answer on my second question already so i removed it...
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CybKnight said:
How are things going with CC2,
think there will be a public (beta or otherwise) version before xmas?
Things are going well, getting documentation done now.
It will be out before xmas.


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The new features sound pretty cool.

I've experimented with CC, Smartie LCD and jaLCDs.

I found CC to be the easiest to configure and best performance wise... but jaLCDs had a couple cool features in terms of bar graphs, animations and transitions. I'm not too thrilled about how quirky (and prone to crashing and eating up CPU time) jaLCDs is.

With some new features, I'm sure I'd use CC2 instead!

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Things are going well, getting documentation done now.
It will be out before xmas
I'm starting to think we will be waiting until Christmas Eve =[. I gotta be santa, I wont be able to play with CC2 =p


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As we tell our children, be good and Santa may yet bring you the gift you want. Hang in there guys, who knows...... maybe the sleigh approaches. We just don`t hear it quite yet.

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