CC V95 and USB


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I´ve encountered a weird behaviour on my Win ME Maschine. (Once again, fine under XP, not so fine under ME :rolleyes: ).
I have a USB Card Reader hooked up. When I start CC either immediately or a few minutes later the Card Reader is disconnected and I can´t access it anymore. This only happens when CC is started.
I´m wondering why CC is acting on the usb ports. Could it be of the i/o of the canio driver?

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CF Mark

That is very odd.
CanIO isnt used in the Win9x version of CC.
CC simply writes to the hardware IO port address you specified + the next 2 (for a HD44780 LCD that is).

Maybe check for IO Port and IRQ device assignment conflicts in the control panel.


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so the only reason CC needs the canio is because the code is the same for XP/NT, execpt it has no function under 9x/ME?.
Like I said it´s just curious and not really a problem, since ME is for testing only.
I couldn´t detect any resource sharing problem whatsoever, but thanks for the tip.
Keep up the good work!