CC 1.07 Alternate Toggle still bugged?


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- Fixed alternare hotkey not working.
- Fixed "pdh.dll" problems for win9x.
1.07 is working on my pc, but the Alternate on/off Toggle still not works.

is it just on my pc? is there a fix?


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yes i tried other key combinations.

I have 1.07 just installed on the 1.06 version.
Next and Previous key works fine.


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I can confirm that mine works since 1.07

I have the alternate key mapped to Ctrl + C and it doesn't even interfere with the regular Ctrl + C copy function. Works really well.

Good luck.


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Hmm...I can't edit posts in here so I'll just add this.

I would completely uninstall the CrystalControl software and download and install 1.07 again if you have not already tried this.

Hope that helps.

CF Mark

The checkbox in the settings window wont change when you press the alternate toggle hotkey (this is a little bug).

Even though the checkbox does not change, Alternate will be enabled.
So try just waiting for the screen to change after you try it.


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I was told by another member that there is no way to map alternate toggle to an LCD button. But there is a hotkey for it? What is it, or how do i enable it?