Can't get rid of last email info


New member
Okay here is another CC tag that doesn't work right (I still can't get the CPU speed tag to work unless I clickon Configure Screen): it is ~EMLFROM~ and ~EMLSUBJ~, my last email from and subject.

The problem is when I delete it, and even when I empty the deleted items box, it is still there. Right now I have porn spam scrolling across my 634 screen. How do you like that?

I even rebooted my system, but it is still there.

--Randy S.
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CF Mark

That is not CrystalControl fault.
Your email client must be leaving read messages on the email server.

CrystalControl just gets info on the last recieved email on the server... it doesnt/cant know if that email has been read.

Look at the settings for your email client, see if there is an option to remove read emails from the server (this is the normal way of doing things anyway).