Canio.dll CC0.95


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I´m runing CC 0.95 on a multiboot with WinXP Prof. and ME. It works fine under XP, but under ME it seems the new i/o driver canio.dll is not included in the installation package, since it´s not being installed. I´ve done search on HDD, no such file found.
Where can I get this drive seperatly?
And shouldn´t it be included in the package for WIn9x/ME as well as for XP?
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One more thing I have just noticed. I don´t know if it´s just me, but again under ME it appears the refresh rate of the display is slow. Meaning that, let´s say WinAmp PlugIn the song name scrolls much slower than under Win XP. Even if you set the refresh in CC to 20 ms. Another example, time, the seconds change slower and not smoothly. Not a big thing, but maybe someone else can confirm this, also runing ME?

-or maybe I´m just paranoid:p

PS. It´s not the comport settings, I´ve checked that as well.

CF Mark

Its a known problem :(

Ill see what i can do about it... but i dont think there is much i can do due to windows 9x having such poor timing accuracy.


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Are you certain it´s a Win Problem? Working with older Versions of CC I think it was better, but again, Im not 100% sure on it myself.