can you help me


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I use gdm2004d and micro pascal on atmega8 but the lcd not working at all
can any body give me a code in pascal to let it work please
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> can you help me
I'll give it a try.

First off get the gdm2004d data sheet

It looks like the GDM2004D is probably equivalent to our CFAH2004A series.

These are just standard HD44780 compatible LCDs, so you could look for help in this forum or over at AVR Freaks for something like "pascal lcd". This search brings up a few interesting hits.

I know there are tons of examples for AVR code to talk to an HD44780 LCD. It appears that the uncommon thing is the Pascal language. Does your Pascal include an LCD library (or unit or whatever Pascal calls them)?

Some practical things that very often go wrong:

1) You need a current limiting resistor on the backlight

2) Pin 3 / Vo / Vlcd must have the correct voltage on it. NOT 5v, typically closer to 1v

3) There are mistakes in your wiring (see the why to not use a PC parallel port for your LCD thread)

Once all that is solved, you will need to find either Pascal initialization code, or port some from C.

Maybe this: