Can the 635 be used with a serial connection


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I'd like to get a 635 to use a display device in my lounge. However, I plan to interface it to a TINI microcontroller which does not have a USB connection.

Can the 635 and SCAB be used with a serial connection in any way? Looking at the block diagram, the USB controller is external to the microcontroller, so I assume the two communicate via a serial connection.

If so, could the usb controller be removed and a level shifter chip fitted to allow RS232 connection?

I am happy to make up custom cabling to or solder the board to make this work.

Alternatively, could the GPIO pins be used to create a serial connection, as discussed in another post?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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We have a serial solution available. Please send an e-mail to support(at}crystalfontz{dot)com (edit to '@' & '.') and they can help you out.