Can somepne show their 634 Usb display?


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I was curious on how people hooked it up.. did people route the Usb cable wire from the display to the outside of the case to a Usb port? Because my Motherboard does have to Usb ports that can be added if I plug the port on the pins on the Motherboard..
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What Mother Board do you have?? I've got the MSI 845ARU Ultra.
If you want I'll get the Digital Camera and take some pics
for you.

Let me know.....the usb634 is pretty slick.



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USB634 Pics

I'm gonna try and insert pics.

Well.......maybe not.

Someone want to clue me in here???
How do you attach/send JPG's??



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See this right under options:

Attach file:
Maximum size: 102400 bytes

Click the button on the right to attatch a file


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Here's mine...just finished it:

Other pics here
and here

Something is up with my camera.....the quality on these are such crap. I'll try to fix em soon


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Tell us about your cooling system /rig
but I still dont favor the LCD's in the side cuz its hard to read if you dont have your case turned.
have you thought about making a mod / external box for it ??


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This case has the window built in, and the computer sits on the side like that all the time. It's very easy to read, and the Memory and internet performance screens I programmed into it are very helpful! The computer consists of:

Chaintech Nforce2 board
AMD xp2000+ processor
1 GB Corsair XMSPC3200 C2 DDR
ATI Radeon 9700pro
Sound Blaster Audigy2
Netgear PCI wireless NIC 80211b
634 Crystalfontz LCD

Watercooling consists of:
Eheim 1260 (300gph) pump
Z4 CPU waterblock
Dangerden GF4 GPU waterblock
heatercore radiator cooled by (2) 120 mm vantec stealth fans
Homemade reservoir
3/8ths inch Tygon tubing

I'm really happy with how everything has came together on the computer. It's very quiet and has quite a bit of overclocking potential (as well as looking pretty cool too).


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I am very happy with it...cools my Radeon 9700 pro quite well. Excellent craftsmanship, and looks cool in the case.


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That's mine, it's the serial version but looks the same as the USB version :)

I like it, useful for showing what song is playing while I'm on counterstrike and also for the time, quick glance down and I can see what time it is quick and easily.

Probably more eye candy than actual use but I don't mind, it's all good :p