Can I monitor my pump rpm with this?


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Sorry for posting this in the technical forum but for some odd reason I am not allowed to post a new topic in the "product questions" forum.

I am seriously considering purchasing the CFA635 with SCAB accessory for my new water cooling setup. The question is: As long as the pump has an rpm sensor such as the mcp355 or 655-b model pumps...can your product monitor the rpm of the pump? I was hoping to use your product to automatically shut down the system in the event of pump failure.

Thanks in advance for any help or info.

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CF Tech

The pump looks like it has a wire that is designed to go to regular 3-pin fan header, so I think it will probably work with the tach sensing of the SCAB, as far as hardware is concerned.

I think that Crystal Control II can shut down the system based on the RPM, but it would be best to post over there to make sure it can be done.