Can I find Novatek NT7534H-TABF1 or use any equivalent display


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First of all I should say that I don't understand too much about LCD display. I have broken 2" display (I added the photo). It has Novatek NT7534H-TABF1 driver. I search internet to find same display but unfortunately I didn't. My question how can I find same display or can I use different display equivalent with Novatek NT7534H-TABF1. Thanks in advance.
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As far as I am aware, the NT7534H is EOL (We EOL'd our similar part in 2017).

The TAB style tail is also less common now, having largely been replaced by ZIF tails for ease.

The ST7565 Controller is compatible with the NT7534H as far as I am aware.

The closest replacement display we have available is this one: CFAG12864U3-TFH, however the tail is obviously a different style and the pin out is likely also different from your display.

I did a brief search and was not able to find a TAB style display with the ST7565 controller.

Here is a blog post going over what to look for when finding a compatible display:
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