Camcorder LCDs

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I need some serious help. I have dozens if not hundreds of old camcorders with folding LCDs in them and I cannot find anywhere that explains how to use these in a case mod. All I need is some diagrams or a method for finding out how the LCDs are wired. Anyone with info or links please tell me because I would hate to have to throw these out.
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I don't have any specific info, but it seems likely that those LCDs are made for video input. That means there is probably no direct digital interface, as the controller is integrated with a video decoder. But without taking one apart, I can't be sure, and this is just an educated guess.
If this is so, then the only PC use for them might be to display the output of your computer's video card.

If you get to the point of tossing them out, why don't you send me a handfull, they could be fun to play with.


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Camcorder LCD

I used to interface multiple lcd displays to various video equipment. I would need the actual display in order to measure connection points on the board. They are easy to interface to video devices, however, they also vary in form factors.

If you feel inclined, you may ship one of each modules to me (I could pay postage), and I would design the interface board or connection diagram for you.

If you want to sell some of the displays, let me know as well.

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