Calling all Crystal Fontz Proz! 40x2 LCD questions.


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I will try this msg board first b4 i email, maybe i can save them from reading and answering another long-winded email by a confused buyer. (hopefully :D)

I am going to be purchasing a 40x2 LCD from Crystal Fontz soon. It will be used in a custom mp3 box i am building (will show pics when done). Before I start with the questions, I need to commend you on your CrystalControl software. It is full of features and has all the different display sizes... I havent even bought a LCD yet but i am using it to set up and test different things to see how they work. If the LCD quality is anything like the software I know I am going to make a great buy. So Im all set to purchase one of your LCDs but alas.....

1. The size LCD I need is 40x2, When i looked at the pics of the one u sell, I didnt see a controller attached :(. Maybe its sandwiched and I cant see it, i dunno. Do they come with a controller?

2. If they dont come with a controller do you offer it? If you dont offer it do u know somewhere that does?

3. The LCD appears to only come in one color, are others available? or would I have to have it custom made?

4. If there is no controller offered and no other color, how much would a custom colored one with a controller cost from you?

5. The connector to the 40x2 controller is serial ? parrallel?

6. If I buy one of your USB->Serial converters does it automatically give a COM port to it? Or do u have to manually set it? I am asking because I might want to have 2-3 LCDs and in order for your software to control each seprately each one must have a COM port, and each one must be by itself on that COM.


TY in advance for your answers, If you are very confused at this point in time, just step back from the keyboard and slowly walk away....
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First... what do you mean by a "controller"?

The 40x2 only comes in one color.
From what i understand Crystalfontz will only make custom LCDs in lots of 1000 units.

This is a HD44780 LCD... its neither USB or Serial.


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Ok, not sure, but it sounds as though you're referring to the 40x2 LCD listed on the Character LCDs page.
If that's the case, it has HD44780 compatible controller, which takes the form of a few chips on the back of the board.

It would be a parallel interface.

The Seral -> USB converter wouldn't apply here, as the LCD in question is not a serial LCD :D

Just my personal opinion, but the parallel interfaces aren't worth the trouble... I have a 40x4 parallel that uses the HD44780 controller, and it (was) a pain... half the winamp plugins don't support it properly, and only put up garbage, there's a lot less software to choose from for the parallel interface LCDs than there is for the Serial ones... and the bottom 2 lines on my 40x4 blew out on me and don't work anymore, GRRRRRR

If it were me, I would go with a serial interface. Yeah that's gonna change your size config down to probably 20 wide, but with Winamp's scrolling song title option, and the scrolling options in most software, that shouldn't be too big of an issue IMO

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40x4 HD44780s are easily worth the effort to get going.
Of the few LCDs i have here (incl USB 634), its my fave ;)


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wow it jsut sounds like 40x2 is a bunch of trouble... i guess im gonna have to get 2 20x2 serial or usb screens....or i can stick with the 40x2... and pray..

thank you for your responses u cleared up alot of stuff D: even if it is bad news lol...

anyway, does anyone have info on the #6 question? the one about com ports and usb->serial.