cable WRFANX01 question


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The male socket on WRFANX01

Can you please share the manuf. and part number for that, or at least a source to order it from?

I've been searching high and low for that socket, without much luck.

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CF Support

If you mean the header which mates with that cable, a Molex 22-23-2031 (or maybe a Molex 22-27-2031) will mate with that cable.


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hehe - finding the header is no problem, and thats what I'm using right now, with shrink wrap and wires soldered to the pins ... but its not a very strong connection, compared to the crimp on terminals the actual socket uses.

The connector highlighted in this picture (sry, i borrowed your picture) is what i'm looking for.

*see attached.



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please share the supplier for the cables... maybe they have a source for the socket?

I don't want the socket to bypass buying your cable, I need to make some custom power cables and need something like that socket.