Boy…am I confused! Getting stated with the F-51553.


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Ever try reading documentation translated from Japanese! I know we all have, but it’s still not pretty. If they would pay me I’d like to write a nice treatment for the F-51553 (I’d do it for free if I didn’t have my time tied up trying to start my own business) once I get up to speed on it.

But in the meantime I think I need some help getting over the confusion factor. I actually bought a blue F-51553 a few years ago, but never really spent the time to try to get it running till now. I’m trying to decipher the documentation, but they don’t give you much help…”just the facts”. I was wondering if there is some kind of “cookbook” treatment to help get people like me started on this LCD, or if there’s a caned write up on this board? I think what I’m really looking for is some real world advise of how to get it running, ie: dealing with the voltage boosting, start up, shut down, and issues, problems, or things to look out for.

Here’s a thought. If there is no such “cookbook” on this LCD then maybe we could all collaborate to write one?

Thanks George
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If you search for threads with "F-51553" or "sed1565", or threads that I've posted in, you will see a lot of discussion about how to initialize and use these Optrex displays. I have posted a C library and a sample app source code, so you should look at all of those threads before you ask further questions, as the answers may be there.