Boot Screen Configurator with 643 v1.2


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I want to change my bootscreen on this lcd. Is it possible?
Red in another thread that there (of course) must be an eeprom
on the lcds controllerboard. Is it an eeprom on v1.2 643 lcd's?

If so, how can I change the bootscreen?
When I press "Store all settings to EEPROM" nothing happends.

After..when running soft reboot, or even trying to "hard reboot" its the normal manufactured CF screen that comes up.

And yes, I have configured with the right com port, and right
baud rate etc (I can see on the lcd while changing the boot-text).

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CF Tech

The ability to save boot screens was added in v2.x .

Sorry, there is no way to set the boot screen in v1.2. You can blank it by using JPK.


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What do you mean by blanking JPK? Cannot find any JPK on the circuitboard on the lcd.
JPA,JPB,JPC and JPD is the only "JP*".