Blue positive and red negative backlits


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The first time I saw implementation of LCDs in computer/server cases it striked me why hadn't it been done before. I must admit, such dispalys are still pretty rare but very useful (system info), so of course one has to order at least one for show off, haha. However I wonder why:

1) ...there are no (light) blue LCDs available from CrystalFontz or any other manufacturer for that matter? These are apparently manufactured somewhere since we can see them in cellular phones and in portable MP3 players.

2) ...does CrystalFontz offer the red negative LCD (CFAH2002A-RMC-JP) only in parallel design? Ok, i maybe can live with that, but why on earth not as 20x4 and/or 40x4 display? I have seen people in various forums asking for blue and/or red backlits and searched myself on altavista and googles without success. Looks as CrystalFontz has no rivals on red negative, so why not using this opportunity and also extend the product list with blue ones.

And now, in case you won't be able/willing to meet above wishes, can you enlighten me how do I convert from positive mode to negative? I have seen something about replacing polarizing film ( but would like to hear Crystalfontz' opinion. The reason why I'm asking this is my experience from a car MP3 player (40x4 yellow/green positive mode display) which was very disturbing while driving night time.

Can the color of characters also be changed in similar way?


Red negative mode 20x4 display with serial design and black PC mounting bracket (supposed be available in June) would be beautiful together with my black server cases. The 40x4 would even match rest of LCDs in my car. BMW :p
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yes its only in the paraell form at this stage, Stay tuned for a serial and smaller version.
Its also possible to 'invert' your LCD display but this will void any and all warrenty you have.


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1) Display development is driven by customers who buy a lot of displays (>>1K). Most of those customers do not want to pay for the extra cost of the blue LED backlights, so they are not that common. Prices are coming around, though so they may be more common in the future

2) We only offer the red negative in the parallel displays.

Converting from positive to negative is covered here:

Yes, it will void your warranty and we do not recommend hacking your display, however at least a few people have got it to work :cool:.

very disturbing while driving night time.
Our serial displays have a variable backlight for just this kind of situation.