beta 96 bug


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found a bug I think?

I have the newest MBM installed and the 96 CC beta.

At the CPU and CASE temp screen, if I change the setting to F the temps do change. But the voltages change to some wierd numbers

example: 5v: 4.96v
12v: 12.33v

when changed to F

5v: 40.93v
12v: 54.20v
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Ok, that answers my ?. Had the same trouble. Also my fan speeds were showing an inflated value. CPU was showing about 5554rpm when the correct value was around 6100rpm and the case fan was aprox 3526rpm when the correct was 3900rpm. To get these values, which were even close to the correct ones, I had to adjust the fan devisor in MBM 5 to /2. If I had the devisor set to /1 which showed the correct values in MBM5, CC showed something like CPU 11000rpm and case 7500rpm. I suspect the same equation that converts °C to °F is also being applied to the volts and fan speeds readouts. Switching to °C fixed the hole thing. Thanks Americanfreak
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CF Mark

Ah ha.

Thanks for that Americanfreak...
Made my job of finding that problem a lot easier by pointing that out.

CF Mark

Itll work properly in the next release.

I was doing the °C to °F on the other MBM values as well.... oops ;)


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no prob....:)

I did notice one more.......when you go to setup a sceen for a game it would say on the left side "Number of Players" and in the Item Help box It would says something Like "Current Map".....I think you might have skipped something.......

just trying to do my part to get the next release out ASAP......:D