Best small scale LCD for USB connection


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I am looking for a small colour LCD that I will be able to hook up to a pc through a USB connection.

I need it as a face of a robot I will be building.

I will be running a phyton program on the pc and need to send commands to the screen to display different things.

Is it possible to connect something like this to a PC using a usb?
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CF Support2


The CFAF320240F-T series has a good number of interfaces, but USB is not one of them. The module is designed to be used directly to a microcontroller or processor. The supported interfaces are all what you would call "low level" and are pure digital signals.

The SSD2119 Controller on board has the capacity to talk to the TFT glass itself, and that's it. It does what it does very well and quickly too - but, it doesn't understand high level interfaces. What you would need to do is design an interface that can take high level commands via USB, convert them to the language (data) that the controller understands.

For example, you would send something like a "wink right eye" from your host. The interface board would take that high level command and translate it to what the controller understands. You could have have some fun effects with the touch screen where the "face" reacts to being touched.

Another option would be to find a source for a complete interface rather than build it. One source would be something like this:

Or start with something like this and customize it: