best screen for sunlight/visibility?


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HI there
A couple of question to set my mind on purchase.

Im after a LCD which can be viewed in sunlight(inside motor vehicle) and also at an angle 90+deg
I am after a 4X20 serial or parallel interface HD44780 compatible.

  1. What do u recommend?
    CFAH2004L-NYG-EP(large characters) or the 634? What will be more clear in sunlight.
  2. Also if I use the CFAH2004L-NYG-EP in 8bit parallel would the refresh rate be sufficient on a 5m cable? OR is serial the only way to go with this long length.
  3. What is the best color combination of the backlight for visibility?
  4. I noticed u sell 2x16OLAP modules any chance u do 4x20? 4x16?
  5. Lastly Is it true that OLAP screens outperform LCD’s when it come to visibility in sunlight/and angles?

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CF Tech

For a car, we would recommend a positive mode (dark letters on a light background) backlit display. This will give you readability in all conditions. Be sure to allow the user to dim the backlight so you do not blind the driver at night.

To go 5m, the only reliable option will be a serial display. Here is a way to rig it up with some CAT5:

The CFA634-TFB-KS might be a good choice, since its backlight draws less current:

OLEDs are no longer available.