best red on black screen


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Is there any screens that show red on black without backlight color 'bleed' ?

I have the 633

What are options for a screen that shows pure red only on a totally blackish background ?

I'll try anything

What about VFD filtering or OLED or Graphic type LCD ?

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Red with STN LCDs is tough. About the best looking one we have is:
It is OK, but . . . . not super. Optrex had some black mask ones that looked pretty good.

A red OLED would work well, but we do not have any :(

You could try a white OLED:
with a red filter, but my guess is that it would not be spectacular.

I do not have experience with VFD + filter, it might work OK, but the photos I have seen look kinda pink. I think the white OLED + filter might look like this too.

A TFT LCD with red-only image might work well.


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red on black

OK, I might get them screens to try out. the White OLED & the FFSTN

which ever suits best, how do they get hooked up ?

USB connectivity would be nice. what about a custom build then ?

Would that be super pricey for say 10 screens ?

Oh I suppose I could ask if I can get some real photos to see what they are like in reality ?

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All the photos on the site are as "real" as we can make them. The reds do not have a great viewing cone, but they can look pretty good straight on--which is how our pictures are taken.

No red USB, except for the CFA-631:

It is not horrible, and looks pretty good from head-on, and is easy to connect.

The OLED and character displays would be an embedded project (PCB, microcontroller, firmware, etc) to get them connected . . . possible but not easy at small quantities.