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About every month I check here to see when v. 2 will come.... I know we have all been waiting for a while. Well... it's been almost 2 years since we discussed "the best" so this time I decided that I would start a thread about the best LCD software. Here are my thoughts:

jaLCD -- powerful, a little buggy but if you are patient, it can do a lot. plus, the user community posts AND rates their configs so you can learn a lot by how everyone else sets theirs up. You can also download their config including special characters that others have built -- HOW COOL!!!!

jaLCD also has a million plugins which include ebay, trillion, all the major media players, blinken, emule/donkey -- seti and winamp are built in -- which are also ranked.

Other good software:
- Crystal Fontz -- stable but not as powerful as jaLCD -- probably 2nd best but I have not seen LCDC because that is exclusive for Matrix Orbital
- LCD Studio
- LCDC (Matrix Orbital)
- LCD Smartie -- did you see that this was featured in this months MaximumPC?

Other Software that I haven't tested in a while:
- PowerLCD
- LCD Proc
- LCD Driver Daemon
- LCD Hype
- LCD Info

Are there any others??? What do you guys think??
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i'm sorry... i don't understand your question... and i am surprised that this is all the response this thread has gotten....